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Have a Question? Here’s an Answer


What is your training methodology?

Lucky Paws Dog Training first and foremost caters to the needs of the dog. We follow the science of Operand conditioning to use rewards and consequences to accomplish any goals.

What types of dogs do you train?

We work with all breeds and all temperaments. No dog will be turned away from training. But we do have to keep safety as a factor, when dealing with aggression, fear, or health issues precautions may be taken to insure we do what's best for the dog, owner, and our staff.

What do you train for?

My background is mostly in Behavioral and Obedience work. Helping people and their dogs better communicate and live happier lives together. But with that being said Tricks, tasks, sports, I have knowledge that goes beyond simple obedience.

What are your prices?

That totally depends on what you are looking for! Head over to our Services page to take a look at what works best for you. If you are unsure we require evaluations either way, so reach out to get things started and we can walk through the pros and the cons.

What is boarding like?

Our boarding for both training dogs and regular boarding pups is all done out of my house. I do have appointments throughout the day so they do spent time crated for resting while I assist my clients. But while I'm home boarding and training dogs get a chance to roam the house and the property. 

What comes with a Board and Train Package

No matter the stay length every Board and Train comes with two lessons for the owners. The Go Home Lesson is done the day of pickup and is used to educate the owner about how everything works! From verbal commands, expectations, and the legwork required at home to stay consistent! Secondly there is a Follow-up lesson at your home or in a public setting. This is normally done one - four weeks after pickup and is a chance to go over the successes and troubleshoot any issues in regards to training in the home. 

Why choose Lucky Paws Dog Training?

Truth be told I can't say that my training is the perfect fit until we get a chance to talk things over. If you are interested in training I highly recommend setting up an evaluation. 

But as far as what puts us apart? I'm not here to tell you other trainers are less capable but what I can say is I promise to be honest, open, and committed to helping my clients and their dogs. As long as my clients keep an open mind and stay committed to their training!

What do I need to Start Training?

For new clients I recommend and may even require an evaluation to make sure training with us can accomplish your goals.

Shot records are required specifically Rabies, DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), and Bordetella

You'll need a slip leash / collar, treat pouch and treats of course. Again if you have any questions on equipment an evaluation goes a long way. I also will have equipment available just in case.

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